Executive Coaching

Choosing an Executive Coach is an important step in your personal and professional development. The right coach can help you to understand yourself, improve your impact on others and create more success in your business and personal life.

Individual Executive Coaching is one of the most valuable investments that can be made in career development. It helps business professionals make positive changes to reach their goals. It perfectly complements leadership development programmes and the acquisition of hard skills and experiences.

We work with a wide range of issues including: leadership style, first 100 days in role, personal branding, self-belief, focus, achieving success, procrastination, managing difficult relationships, understanding conflict and conflict resolution, deciding on a future path and general self-awareness.

Clients want a coach who is not only accredited but who has lived in their world and “been there, done that”. Our coaches have operated at board level in a variety of organisations, experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly side of them. After many years in senior roles in the corporate world, our coaches can readily identify with the challenges and opportunities that leaders face.

Our Coaching Approach

Our coaching approach is tailored to the unique needs of the individual and has included assignments related to goal attainment, leadership competence, emotional intelligence, building strong teams, effective change management, increasing energy, building conflict competence, (re)gaining confidence, managing organisational politics, mitigating derailing behaviours and discerning career direction.

The Assessment Process

We get to know our clients quickly and deeply, as much of
the work of goal attainment is mastering ourselves, our stories and our
minds. Through assessments, powerful questions, observations and
feedback, blind spots are uncovered, limiting beliefs challenged and
potential is explored. We meet in 90-minute sessions, usually over a 6 to
12-month period.

Objectives, Goals and Outcomes

Coaching success is tied to both the client’s motivation and their ability. It involves homework including self-reflection, modifying behaviours, reading and practicing changing habits and learning. Coaching can be truly transformative and it requires a partnership and commitment on behalf of the coach and client to effect that transformation.