Organisational Impact

Leaders and senior managers today are trying to transform their organisations to meet the ever-changing circumstances they face. They are seeking to improve performance by changing behaviour and capabilities at every level. Most management teams know what a good business plan looks like. However, ask them- especially in the middle of a major change effort- what a good transformation strategy, plan and implementation process should include and opinions will vary.

We are all familiar with the unfocussed, unbalanced, and non-integrated approaches that that create limited outcomes. A focus on measurable leaps in performance lie at the success of every organisation. To meet performance goals organisations are reinventing themselves and changing everything about the way in which they do business.

To do this there is a requirement to be clear on the people element of transformation. There are often insufficient resources at the right level and with the right experience in the permanent staff group and many organisations find it helpful to buy in senior HR/OD skills to ensure that the organisation has what it needs , at the right time and the right price.

We provide a range of services to clients which are grouped into the following sections

Resilient Organisations

  • • OD targeted interventions to support transformation and change
  • • Engagement interventions
  • • Organisational redesign
  • • Downsizing
  • • New ways of working
  • • Communications management

Resilient Top Teams

  • • Building high impact top teams that are resilient in leading change
  • • Development of Directors in boardroom skills
  • • Executive impact development and coaching
  • • Aspiring Directors development
  • • People and communication skills
  • • Leadership development
  • • Coaching and mentoring
  • • Career development
  • • Career counselling
  • • HR Director development

Resilient People

  • • Building capacity in organisations through resilient approaches to people management
  • • Interims across a range of services
  • • HR services and reviews
  • • Reward and benefits- salary reviews total reward, pay modernisation
  • • Employee relations- policy, discipline and grievance, capability, mediation and employment law.
  • • HR Benchmarking
  • • Conflict resolution
  • • Mediations
  • • Investigation services
  • • Crisis management
  • • Exit strategies
  • • HR policies and procedures