We were asked by a non-departmental public body to work with their senior staff on a range of issues. As a regulator their staff were skilled at delivering fast paced detailed inspections but had not focused as much as they would have liked on their own personal development

As executive coaches, our role is to act as a sounding board, challenging thinking, stimulating creativity and providing tools and techniques for dealing with situations and building both self-awareness and self-confidence in role. As we have no agenda within the organisation we can view issues with an outsider’s objectivity and focus on the needs of the individual. We coached most of the senior leaders of the organisation and the subject areas included the following:

• Building Executive Gravitas

• Developing self-awareness in role

• Step up to a new role

• Leading a larger staff team

• Considering new career options

• Moving from the technical to the strategic approach

• Working within a new culture

• Exiting an organisation and determining new career choices

• Dealing with crisis management

• Working with new management and peer groups

• Developing influence in a variety of situations

• Seeking and using opinion former feedback

• Developing strategies in a new organisation

• Preparing for important events such as presentations, interviews and inspections

• Working through difficult situations, such as conflict with other staff or poor feedback.

Each person we worked with had differing needs and preferences. We tailored the coaching programme accordingly and we used a range of materials to assist in identifying these. We also utilised our trained actors and film makers who assisted with some of the coachees who wanted to develop their executive presence, create powerful interviews and presentations and reduce any diminishing habits that stand in the way of greater success.

The coaching has been extremely well received and we continue to work with this client over a number of years. Here are some of the comments from those we have coached:

"A brief email to thank you for my leadership coaching sessions. I found them extremely useful. You challenged me, in the nicest possible way, to stretch myself and plan for my professional future in a way that will benefit both my employer and me. I’m looking forward to getting on over the next few months with my project to enhance my professional and personal readiness for change. Thank you." Regional Director

"Thank you for the opportunity to engage with the Executive Coaching programme. I have been fortunate to have 3 bespoke sessions and wanted to let you know how useful they have been. Working with Angela and Robert from HR Lounge has been a fantastic opportunity to reflect on where I am and what I need to consider with regard to taking the next step. The fact that it was bespoke is brilliant and I am very grateful for the opportunity. Angela and Robert have been excellent; thought provoking, challenging and supportive in equal measure. I have gained much from our sessions together. Thank you." Assistant Regional Director