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Conflict resolution


When people work together there will inevitably be times when there is conflict. Conflict is not always a bad thing, creative tensions managed well can often bring about great work.

However, some organisational conflict can be damaging, destructive and dangerous for individuals and organisations. Its really important that organisations are equipped to identify and resolve conflict at the earliest possible opportunity.

Workplace conflict can occur across a wide spectrum of behaviour, from a difference of opinion to serious incidents of bullying or harassment. There are many pressing workplace issues such as the quality of working relationships, the incidence of conflict, equality and diversity, how confident people are to speak up about bullying and harassment, and how effectively organisations and managers handle complaints. Sometimes a minor disagreement between people can escalate if it’s not addressed and resolved at the earliest opportunity. Conflict is very much a part of organisational life, and a common occurrence at work.

We offer services with a track record of resolving conflict at the earliest stages. As an independent organisation we can offer an unbiased approach and an ability to see things from the balcony rather than the dance floor.

The services we offer include the following:

  • Mediation
  • Team development
  • Investigations relating to grievances and disciplinaries
  • Difficult conversation training
  • Understanding different individual approaches and preferences
  • Equality and diversity development and training.

We bring an objective approach to all conflict situations, allowing all parties to be heard and protecting organisations and individuals from the damage that can occur from ongoing unresolved conflict.