QMC: University of London

Queen Mary College (QMC) is part of the University of London and a leading British research university. It has around 16,000 students and employs more than 3,000 staff. 


• Built a new communication process and had it implemented within the first few months of the project.

• Undertook a detailed review of the HR brand and develop proposals for way forward

• Developed proposals for a restructure that would deliver 20+% budget reduction

• Provided a full policy and procedure review with an Action Plan for the next 12 months 

• Provided extensive training in job evaluation processes, payroll and customer experience

Project delivered on time and within agreed budget 


The 60+ HR department was in need of a major restructure to reflect the changing demands of the university and its stakeholders. There was a recognition that HR needed be more business focused and be able to measure the value it brings to its customers. Key to the restructure was an emphasis on two main goals: 

A. To change current internal culture and practices 

B. To deliver a 20% reduction in costs


The need to align HR with the business has become more urgent than ever, especially in the university sector, as demands for more growth and income become top priorities for many universities. It was important to identify critical points in the business where HR strategy was working and areas where more improvement was required. A senior member of the HR team had recently left and details of the restructure plan were constantly changing as budgets became more challenging. 

Our Approach 

After agreeing the project plan and timeframe with the Director we worked closely with the HR Team to set up specific project groups to manage the process. We developed a series of engaging and challenging workshops with a cross section of people from the HR department. We wanted to understand every part of HR including its brand promise and the real expereince customers had of HR. 

During the eight month project we worked in partnership with internal teams reviewing the HR brand and internal customer expereinces. Working closely with the Director of Human Resources, we developed a new HR structure that would meet the challenges of delivering an excellent HR service in times of great change. 

Throughout the project, led by HR Associate Martin Tiplady, we produced weekly information bulletins to keep everyone in the department informed of progress. 

Client feedback

“The HR Lounge approached the project with great creativity. Through engagement, advice, mentoring this skilled consultancy drove the change at QMC to success. The HR Lounge had a genuine commitment to our success. I would certainly recommend The HR Lounge to anyone in need of a high quality and experienced HR consultancy.”

Chris Pearson, Director of HR, Queen Mary, University of London