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Skills audits to match business needs orig 2

"We know we have a skills gap, but we have no idea what skills we are lacking". Sound familiar? 2

To remain competitive and to attract the best talent it’s important that all organisations know what skills their workforce have and what skills they will need to invest in for future growth.

At The HR Lounge we can provide highly skilled senior interims that are experienced in carrying out skills audits. We work across the private and public sectors in local and central government, universities, charities, health and education.

Building a comprehensive skills audit in any organisation can feel like a daunting task. A review will usually include analysing internal processes, rating skills by their importance to the business needs and overall strategy, along with gathering and documenting the skills that people already have. By building a skills matrix, organisations can identify where the skills gaps already are, or where they are likely to appear in the future. It’s all about having your finger on the pulse.

At The HR Lounge we provide senior HR interims that deliver skills audits that add immediate value to our clients’ organisation. We recently undertook a skills audit for the London Borough of Waltham Forest which provided the foundation for a new HR operating model. Read more about our work.

  • Do you really know the skills of the people in your company?
  • Are you sure you know how useful those skills will be in five years time?
  • How are you planning to develop the skills of your people?
  • How are you bridging the skills gaps?

Talk to us at the HR Lounge. We can help.




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