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Leading HR

In most organisations there is a layer of management that can work as a lever to organisational success or be a huge obstacle to performance and change. It’s the middle manager. It really doesn’t matter whether these managers are academics, architects, social workers or bankers. If they have staff teams that report to them, there are a similar range of skills that have to be developed.

These managers are the key to successful organisations and HR can benefit by developing the right skills. Technically they must of course be competent, but the skills of management are what will make the difference between their success and failure.

A successful manager, is one that others want to follow: They need to be skilled to be able to: 

  • Build effective and responsive interpersonal relationships with, colleagues and executives who will respect their ability to demonstrate trust, caring, collaboration, respect, and attentiveness as well as improve performance.
  • Communicate effectively in person, and through a variety of channels. Listening and two-way feedback characterise his or her interaction with others.
  • Build the team and enable other staff to collaborate more effectively with each other. People feel they have become more effective, more creative, and more productive - in the presence of a team builder.
  • Understand the financial aspects of the business and sets goals and measures and documents staff progress and success.
  • Know how to create an environment in which people experience positive morale and recognition and employees are motivated to work hard for the success of the organisation.
  • Lead by example and provide recognition when others do the same.
  • Help people grow and develop their skills and capabilities through education and on-the-job learning.

If your management development offering does not focus on these key capabilities it's time to get it on the list for Santa this year. 




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