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Is collecting data the key to employee engagement?

Did you know that more than 1/3 of all new employees feel that they have not been inducted into their new role sufficiently?  Nearly 30% leave their jobs in the first 6 months?  These surprising facts show the importance of employee engagement and the need to monitor all new recruits into your organisation.

Collecting information at the recruitment stage is now commonplace – but how many HR departments  do this at the right points over the first crucial year once someone is employed and of equal importance is how is that data used? Too often I have found that we are great at collecting data but once we have this there is little in-depth analysis to give us clear patterns of what is happening. 

Regular and specific data collection at key points in your employee year-cycle will give you an insight into when things start to go wrong and action can be taken to resolve the issues. 

Many organisations are introducing tools to gather employee feedback – a great example I recently came across was from Deutsche Bank who have introduced an invaluable on-boarding App that gave all their new employees a positive experience from the Bank from the moment they were appointed. The App had dozens of useful and engaging features – but the most popular for new employees, by far, was allowing everyone to download a photo of their choice for their ID card. We all know what it’s like on day one to have our photo taken by Security only to find we don’t actually recognise that face smiling back at us from our new ID card. Sometimes, it’s the little things that mean a lot to people and help that crucial initial engagement. It's not expensive either as often these new tools are more cost effective than we would imagine.

Are you also looking outside your organisation to see what your employees are saying about your company? A great site to find this out is glassdoor.co.uk – it’s a free site where comments are posted anonymously by employees. I recommend you  have a look.


A recent survey carried out by HR Magazine estimated that every new hire costs over £5,000 - so it really is worth spending time collecting and analysis data to ensure your new hires are kept engaged. 

What does your organisation do for new employees? Why not share some good practice? 




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