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Interims are go

A people management survey has found that most HR practitioners think that experience as an interim is an advantage in advancing their career.

Asked whether someone who had worked as an HR interim would have an advantage or a disadvantage if they were looking to recruit for a permanent HR position, four in ten said that they would see it as an advantage with only a small minority disagreeing. When asked about the benefits of hiring HR interims the most popular reasons were:



  •   Covering for staff absences
  •   Achieving a special project whilst steering organisational change
  •   Bringing in skills that were missing in-house.


James Brockett PM’s news editor said: “The survey shows that there is a high awareness of the values of HR interims with many respondents saying that they would place a candidate with HR interim experience at an advantage in a recruitment process for a permanent position."

This certainly reflects our experience at The HR Lounge. Our interims are usually people who want to take a different approach to their careers sometimes permanently, whilst for others they would like to try the experience of an interim career for a defined period. Clients recognise that buying in senior level skills for a short period can be extremely beneficial economically. They do not have to find on-costs on a permanent basis which can add a huge amount to their staffing budgets and most assignments are for a defined purpose and timescale. 

There are times when having the independence of thinking that someone from outside the organisation brings can be very useful. The HR Lounge has recently been appointed to handle employee investigations for a large organisation where we have carried out similar work previously. The benefit for the employer is that we come into the investigations with no organisational baggage, just years of experience so they know that our results will be independent, transparent and evidence based. It’s also often frankly a relief for internal staff to be able to get on with the usual heavy HR workload without having to also manage quite laborious investigations. 

It results in a better outcome for all involved. What is your experience of using interims? 





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