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Interim HR Directors

It's Friday It's 4pm Your Head of HR has just unexpectedly resigned

It’s the nightmare scenario – just when everything seems to be going to plan, an unexpected event happens like your Head of HR resigning.This is the time where HR interims can plug a gap ensuring your services and support to your customers continues without a hitch.

At The HR Lounge our HR Director interims have already worked as HR directors in large and small organisations and businesses across the public and private sectors. They all have extensive experience of working on change management programmes, skills gap projects or running HR departments managed around business or organisational needs. Being over-skilled and over-qualified for the work means our clients’ get a professional who can make an immediate positive impact from day one. Our interims are adaptable, resilient and tenacious, and always up for a challenge.

Plugging skills gaps 

Organisations make diverse and challenging demands on HR departments as they adapt and respond to an ever-changing world. Our clients are increasingly using some of our interims on a rotational on-going basis to re-vitalise the service, provide strategic guidance as well as plugging skills gaps. We work with the long term in view and have built trusted and valuable relationships with our clients. We are very proud of our record for repeat business.

The HR Lounge has successfully provided interims in the healthcare, education, central and local government sectors as well as the not-for-profit sectors.

The next time news of an unexpected event arrives on your desk and you need skilled and results-driven professionals to plug the gap, get in touch.




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