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Unfair dismissal change

AngelaOConnor 03-10-11

The Chancellor, George Osbourn, has confirmed the doubling of the qualification period for unfair dismissal claims from one year to two as part of the government’s efforts to encourage growth and private sector employment. The reforms also include a fee for lodging a tribunal case in a bid to prevent vexatious cases. The coalition launched a consultation on these proposals earlier in the year but has yet to publish its formal response to the consultation exercise.

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Why getting it wrong is so right

admin 26-09-11

My youngest has recently started at university, like all parents I have been consumed by worry. Will he cope, make friends, wash? After his first night there I rang him to be confronted by a tired but happy young man who had a very late night with his new chums and was having a fantastic time. He will no doubt make mistakes and I know from the experience of bringing up children that although it is really hard to let your offspring fail without rushing in to fix them and solve the problem, it is the best way that they will learn. No child would ever learn to walk if their over protective parents refused to allow them to stumble occasionally.
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Customer service: Gongs & Dustbin lid awards losers

AngelaOConnor 12-09-11

I like to occasionally present  virtual gongs to organisations who have excelled in customer service and dustbin lids to those who have in place either systems or staff likely to destroy the reputation of their organisation in one easy move. Last week we looked at the winners and now let’s focus on the losers.

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