Sometimes you need a little extra help

Been left in the lurch by a senior staff member leaving?

Need some intensive high level input into a critical strategic project?

Facing a difficult disciplinary?

At The HR Lounge we can provide you with the expert interim you need, whether it's covering a staff shortage, supporting an overstretched department or resolving a crisis.

We can identify the right cost reduction programme for your organisation, whether it's streamlining your processes, restructuring your teams or introducing new HR working practices.

We can give you the HR advice you need, whether it's practical support for a grievance case, expert insights into resolving a dispute or strategic advice on the implications of new legislation.  Our HR consultancy services cover them all.

Our expertise can support you and your organisation with that little bit extra.

This leaves you to focus on what you do best: your job.

Get in touch - perhaps we can help.