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HR without the human?

Data data everywhere.  We’ve never had so much information available to us as HR professionals. 

There is an increasing need and expectation for HR to use this data to address strategic and operational issues. It is therefore essential that we, as HR professionals, are on top of what is happening and understand how we can use automation and data as a catalyst for change in our organisations. 

A recent study by the Aberdeen Group found that automation of many HR functions and the ability for employees to service themselves in many day-to – day HR processes is definitely the way forward. 

The current economic climate places pressures on profit margins and tighter budget controls for us all  - regardless of where we work. This uncertain outlook makes it difficult to predict what might happen in the future and, in turn may lead to indecision on the strategic front. 

This is new territory for all businesses, and functions, not just HR. 

We all have to be creative with reducing budgets – this has spurred many companies and organisations to rethink their business model, structures, employee roles and what their staff requirements will be in the future: their workforce planning strategy.

All of this has happened at the same time with a rise of technology and the introduction of automation in HR processes.  Recruitment, payroll, on-boarding Apps – they’re all new and are creating new a landscape for HR. 

The future looks even more exciting and baffling at times, we are learning  about new possibilities for developing our profession,  enterprise social networks, gamification and  heat mapping being just three that are going to become more well known to business. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for HR to be more integral to the business and thus provide more value. Technology gives HR an opportunity to measure its value and the impact it has on an organisation.  It also means many administrative tasks can be automated to allow HR to step up and be more aligned as business partners and therefore have more of an impact on strategic direction. We’ve always wanted to be more influential in organisations – well now is our big chance to prove it. 

So what are you doing with the data that your automated processes are throwing up?  How are you using it? What value is it to you? 




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