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HR needs to support business growth

"Our business has expanded and we need a HR department that supports our growth". 

How often has this been voiced in your organisation? 

As business and organisations grow, the demands placed on HR will change. HR departments need to be enablers for growth, sometimes the structure and capability levels of HR can be a hindrance rather than an asset. 

This is when highly experienced HR interims can prove to be a valuable resource identifying business and organisational goals and linking these to the skill requirements and structure of the HR department. Helping the HR Director improve the capability and capacity of the team can have extremely positive business results.

At The HR Lounge we provide skilled and experienced senior HR interims who work in partnership with the management team to ensure HR structures and processes support the strategic growth of the business. We recently worked with Queen Mary College, part of the University of London and one of the UK’s top universities. As the university numbers and functions expanded, the HR department required restructuring to meet the new demands of the business. Read more about our work here

Organisations are increasingly turning to interims to carry out specific project-based work, such as departmental structure changes and capability improvement programmes. Interims are focused on the broader organisational goals and bring real strategic value and insights into their work.

For example our work at Queen Mary College delivered proposals that will result in savings of more than 20%.

With the rapid growth of the knowledge economy there has never been a better time for HR departments to transform their role to become part of the organisations’ strategic direction. Is your HR department ready?

Talk to us at the HR Lounge. We can help.




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