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Employees on pay boards?

There is a huge song and dance in the media at the moment about fat cats and over paid executives. I’m not convinced that this is the biggest challenge we face in re- booting the economy or the reason we entered a recession. The economy is much more complex. There are some organisations who cannot demonstrate a correlation between performance and pay. Would having staff on the remuneration committee change that? 

I believe it would not. Most organisations don’t have a massive differential between the pay of directors and the rest of staff and the ones who do are not likely to change because of the addition of some staff members to the pay debate. The current proposals have in my view not been thought through. 

The regulatory framework should be strengthened through the role of good non-executive directors.  I would rather see more rigour about their appointments so that they are a voice for common sense rather than cronies of the Chief Executive. We know that concerted efforts have had to be made to improve the number of women represented on boards and few will argue that there is a deficit of talent. The real issue here though is leadership. 

There are many wonderful organisations in this county led by able and fair people who know that what really creates employee engagement and trust in leadership is built on day by day year by year effort. 

Let’s look to good leadership rather than the sticking plaster of the latest fad. What do you think? 




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